CH Kishkahdina Tango
OTCH CH Kishkahdina Tyra JH WCI CGC
September 10, 2005

“Kuma," also affectionately called “Kumasan”, which means “little bear” in Japanese. She is my first Toller. Seven years ago I didn't know these dogs, but after having several friends recommend them, and after some research into the breed, I decided to get one and have never looked back!

Kuma is an ‘old soul’. She is a sweet, friendly and outgoing dog with love to spare. She is also very active. She loves to retrieve sticks on land or in water (and will do it forever if you let her). She loves hiking, swimming and cross-country skiing.

She earned her intermediate level of competitive obedience (CDX) this spring! We are now working on the advanced level (OTCH). Our focus this spring and summer is to work on field - Working Class Intermediate (WCI) and Junior Hunter (JH) certifications.

Kuma is also an Ottawa Therapy Dog (OTD). She loves nothing better than a warm lap to put her head on. She loves the special attention she gets at Elmwood Lodge, a housing facility for women of all ages. She knows when it’s time to go for our visits! I pull out her bandana, special leash and my badge and she runs up to me, tail wagging and raring to go! Her favorite thing to do is to curl up on the couch in between some of the residents and get petted. She also likes to roll over on her back on the floor, swinging her tail and feet back and forth, and have the ladies take turn rubbing her belly. She also thinks it’s great if she can sit beside them while they hold her leash. That way she can reach up to give them kisses and hear them giggle.

Uncertainty, fear, and anxiety closely mirror to me the first car ride home new parents take with their newborns. Kuma was bred by Kathy Adorjan at Katyra Tollers. She taught me plenty of things, patience being one of the big ones, but a deep love and affection for our legged friends that I didn’t know was possible is another.

The cosmos had spoken, and it began my love affair with Tollers. These dogs seem to be meant to be in my life.